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Your landing pages are among the most critical pieces of virtual content you’ve got, and we need to take all measures to ensure they perform to optimum efficiency. There are several really great ways you can totally screw up your landing pages. No really, it’s very easy! Before you become a victim of this unfortunate happenstance, let’s look at what some of these horrible mistakes are, and how you can stay away from them.

Check out and prevent these 6 landing page killers!

Your page takes forever to load – Since it’s been created in study after study that you have about 3 seconds to get your page up before they leave, it’s definitely time to take that seriously, especially with landing pages. (Money…) Be sure to check this frequently, to catch any problems.

Cluttered, unclean design – Filling your landing page with everything but the kitchen sink in a misguided effort to give the most information and sales points you possibly can will backfire on you. Instead opt to make your landing pages clean, uncluttered and pointing to one sure purpose. You want, above all, focus here!


Links that lead elsewhere – A big no-no! Including anything other than a link to your desired action will cut conversions drastically. Don’t give them a choice by including site nav links, social media buttons, or anything else. If you want another shot at them if they not decide to click your link, use an exit pop.

Too many words – Give it some thought before you pile on the verbiage. Most times shorter copy increases results, and be sure to use images and videos if appropriate.

Don’t ask for the moon – Getting people to take one action is hard: give them a form stuffed with fifteen fields and you’re simply asking for it. You very likely need less information than you might think, and this is an area you’ll wish to test for sure.

Not mobile ready – Closely connected with the point above, no one really wants to fill out forms on their phone, so make the mobile version of your landing page as simple and size appropriate as you can. Your conversions will thank you!

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