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What can FoundLocals Do For My Practice?

Cosmetic Surgeons are facing a changing environment... making it more difficult to attract and keep patients, earn high revenues, develop referrals, and ultimately enjoy a quality of life that was once seemingly easy to attain. FoundLocals offers effective and strategic marketing programs that can eliminate these obstacles to personal fulfillment, and open the door to new opportunities, growth and satisfaction.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing for cosmetic surgeons is an essential way to attract the higher end sophisticated clientele that is the target market of surgeons around the world. Cosmetic surgery is a service that is used by the affluent clientele who are already utilizing mobile when making decisions. It's imperative that cosmetic surgeons do not neglect to handle their mobile marketing for their practice so they can generate more business and retain current clientele.

Create Mobile Friendly Menu of Services Mobile Appointments
Mobile Voting / Questionnaires Reminder Service
Update Your Customers Create Lead Generation Forms

Social Media Marketing

Social media represents a new avenue that many cosmtic surgeons are utilizing, although with trepidation. As social media becomes commonplace in society, its role in cosmetic surgery practice development and communication will become more prominent and defined. We at FoundLocals use various proven social media marketing tools that builds your brand image and drives more valuable clients to your business

Get Refered By Customers Build Your Online Reputation
Networkable Relationships With Customers Word of Mouth Advertising
Drives More Customers Successful FB Marketing

Reputation Mangement

Just one negative review can cause serious damage to a surgeon's reputation and result in noticeable effects to the practice. FoundLocals prevents these false reviews and enhances your business image and builds postive online presence The prominence of social networks also gives patients the opportunity to facilitate a discussion with others about their experience.

Resolve Your Reputation Issues Online Monitoring What People Say
Monitoring What People Say Monitoring What People Say
Controlling What People See Online Controlling What People See Online

Local SEO

Gone are the days when people exclusively used the Yellow Pages to find medical care providers. Simple word of mouth in small social circles can no longer compete with the instant power of the World Wide Web. The Internet is where cosmetic surgeons will cultivate a huge portion of new customers. Competition is wild and fierce. It's not enough to have a stellar website. Doctors need targeted traffic and lots of it. We at FoundLocals by using proven SEO tools make you appear on top of major search engine site results in short time.

Local Business Listings (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) High-Quality Link Building
On-Page Optimization Targeted Results
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