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If you’re trying to develop an email list of prospects, you’ll need something of value that’s specific to your desired audience to attract them.

What is a lead magnet and how do you implement them?

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Develop your prospect e-mail list with these tips.

All of us need fresh leads, and the most effective way to acquire them is to offer people something of value exchange for their contact information, typically their name and email address. What is given in return is called a lead magnet.

The more specific they are the better. Be sure you’re offering something that can make a difference for them now, not years in the future. We all want it yesterday, right? You will gain more than subscribers, in this day and age of social sharing, you’ll help with branding yourself and your company as leaders in your space.

Here are 7 Great Ideas for Powerful Lead Magnets

  1. Infographic – The visual content darling of the year, infographics tell a compelling visual story in an interesting, easy to process manner.
  2. Video – A video solving a specific problem your audience faces is always a winner. Not only that, a video can be used in a great many more mediums, spreading your lead gen efforts far and wide.
  3. Short reports – When we say short, we mean short, as in “7 Tips for Solving your Specific Problem” short. They aren’t going to read a novel from you just yet; make it short and sweet and charm them in the autoresponder followup sequence. These should run in the 10-15 page range.
  4. Cheat Sheets, Mindmaps and Blueprints – These can be gold for you, as you can compress a ton of valuable info onto one sheet, and people gobble them up.
  5. Content Webinar – As webinars get cheaper and easier to do, holding a content packed webinar that features valuable information in addition to showcasing your wares is a great way to not only get subscribers, but sales as well.
  6. Podcasts – Another easy way to distribute specific chunks of content and further brand yourself as an authority in your space is to give a digital download of a podcast as a lead magnet.
  7. Coupons or free trials – These are very popular as they represent money, and everyone wants to save more of that. An excellent way to introduce your products and services.

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