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It has more than likely come to your attention that headlines really do matter. We rely on them in most phases of our business these days, whether they are in the form of an ad, a blog post, a video, or even an infographic. Your headline is arguably the most crucial part of your content, as it often determines whether anyone continues any further. This is most definitely true when it comes to email, and advertising. Learning to craft a winning headline is a task that you simply must excel at for your business.

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Headlines are crucial to all of your communications. Make sure they make an impact!

7 Ways you can write more effective headlines today

  1. All of us love numbers and lists – Headlines using lists and numbers simply rock. People understand what they’re getting, and it’s typically in a form they can easily digest: “3 Tips to Help You Drop 5 Pounds This Week!”
  2. Feel their pain – Being able to empathize you’re your reader places you in a position of authority, your reader will be more inclined to trust you, and therefore be receptive to any remedies for their problems you might have.
  3. Be controversial; break the rules! – Don’t hesitate to share your opinions in a bold, audacious way. Nobody wants to read another milquetoast post anyhow!
  4. Ask questions – Using questions is an excellent way to pique interest. More often then not they’re the exact same questions they would ask, and would also like an answer to.
  5. Mind the 55 character limit – Two practical reasons for this and these are that this length will safely show in the Google search results and also your email subject line. Wouldn’t it be sad if your headline got cut off?
  6. Test! – You’ll never know how well your headlines do until you test them. This serves a very useful purpose, as a single percent increase can often mean significant dollars and otherwise good results.
  7. Be sure to give value – Don’t write boring or fluff headlines. Promise and deliver a value packed piece of content. Don’t promise something you aren’t going to deliver, but also don’t be afraid to tout it.

Keep in mind that the purpose of any headline is to get the reader to the next step, whether that means opening an email, clicking a link or reading your content.

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