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Given all the effort you’ve most likely put into your content, it’s downright heartbreaking when you see what you’ve slaved over falls flat when it’s published.

Nobody reads, no one shares, not one person comments. The very elements you were shooting for in hopes of it going viral are just not there.

Tips on Viral Content Marketing

Get your content hitting on all cylinders for maximum “likes” and “shares.”

No one hits it big every single time, but if this seems to be a pattern with your content, let’s check out some of the reasons your content might not be hitting on all cylinders.

3 Reasons why your content isn’t going viral

Lack of emotional appeal – This is the big one. Sharing content that strikes a chord on a gut level is something we all do. Be sure to appeal to your readers emotion by addressing the pain points of whatever it is your content is addressing, and showing them a way to deal with that. Writing in a more conversational, personal tone might help foster this sort of connection, versus a dry, overly technical or jargon-laden piece.

Bad distribution – If your content distribution network isn’t quite as refined as it might be, you will certainly discover your content failing to reach as far and wide as it might. Make sure you are giving it the best shot possible by sharing it on your own social media channels, asking all those who have an interested audience to share it, and getting it out to your email list, and inviting them to share. You might also want to consider giving special content an advertising boost, as in with a Twitter ad, or Facebook promoted post, to build some initial momentum.

It’s not worth sharing – If your content is not positive, or lacks elements that others would find valuable, you’ll find that most people won’t want to share it. Humor and a great story will always end up getting shared. Creating emotional content that addresses practical concerns in a useful way is a recipe for getting your content shared all over the place.

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