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By Participating in Our Exclusive "4-Core" BETA Program, Your Practice Will Benefit From:

Targeted Marketing Solutions:

Embark on a journey starting with Social Media Enhancement, the first of our four core strategies. In this 60-day phase, you'll witness how we amplify your online presence and patient engagement through innovative social media strategies and custom content creation.

A Structured Growth Blueprint:

Our "4-Core" BETA Program offers more than just tactics; it's a sequenced growth blueprint. Each 60-day phase – Social Media, Reputation, Traffic, and Automation – is meticulously planned to holistically enhance different facets of your chiropractic marketing. This approach ensures all-around development for your practice.

Critical Feedback and Data Analysis:

At the end of each phase, we'll collect data and feedback to see how the program has benefited your practice. This input is crucial for us to refine and perfect our strategies, ensuring they meet the highest standards of effectiveness and client satisfaction.

Post-Completion Benefits:

Upon completing each 60-day core phase, you have the option to continue the services at a special BETA participant rate of $199/month – with no contract and a 2-year price lock guarantee. This continuation isn't required to progress through the program phases, giving you full control over your participation.

Limited Time Offer – Join the Elite Group of BETA Participants:

This program is exclusive and complimentary, but spots are limited. Your chance to be part of this select group is just a click away. After watching the video, schedule your onboarding session to see if your practice qualifies for this innovative program.


Chiropractic Success Unlocked:

Your Answers to the '4-Core' BETA Program


What exactly is the "4-Core" BETA Program?

 The "4-Core" BETA Program is a unique, comprehensive marketing strategy specifically designed for chiropractic practices. It includes four core marketing strategies – Reputation, Social Media, Traffic, and Automation – each lasting 60 days. The program aims to enhance different aspects of chiropractic marketing in a structured manner.


How much does it cost to participate in the BETA program?

Participation in the "4-Core" BETA Program is completely free. This is a limited-time offer for select chiropractic practices to experience and contribute to the final stages of our program development.


What happens after each 60-day core phase?

After completing each 60-day phase, you have the option to continue using that specific core service for $199/month, with no contract and a guarantee of no price increase for two years. However, continuing a core service is not mandatory for progressing to the next phase.


Is my practice guaranteed acceptance into the program?

Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. It depends on the suitability and potential benefit for your practice, as well as effective communication with your assigned marketing manager.


What is involved in the onboarding session?

The onboarding session is an initial meeting to assess the fit of your practice with our program. We will discuss your current marketing efforts, goals, and how the "4-Core" BETA Program can align with and enhance your practice's growth.


How will this program benefit my practice?

The program is designed to enhance your online presence, build a stronger reputation, increase traffic to your practice, and streamline marketing processes through automation. This holistic approach aims to improve patient acquisition, retention, and overall practice growth.


What kind of commitment is required from my practice?

We require a commitment to actively participate in each phase of the program and provide feedback. Effective communication with your assigned marketing manager is essential to maximize the benefits of the program.


How is the "4-Core" BETA Program different from other marketing services?

Unlike standard marketing services, our program is specifically tailored for chiropractors and focuses on four key areas of marketing. It's a comprehensive approach that combines different strategies to cover all aspects of marketing in the chiropractic industry.


Can I choose which of the four cores to start with?

The program follows a structured sequence starting with Social Media Enhancement, followed by Reputation, Traffic, and Automation. This sequence is designed to build upon each phase for maximum effectiveness.


What kind of results can I expect from this program?

While individual results can vary, the goal of the program is to significantly improve your online presence, market reputation, patient traffic, and marketing efficiency. The program's success will be measured by improvements in these areas and the overall growth of your practice.